For Alumni

Welcome brother alumnae.

  • Brother alumnae, if you have not received your certificate or membership card, there is a good chance that we may have yours on campus. Please contact the chapter and we can check if we have yours. If you would like to have your’s replaced, you can contact the National Office and order a new one. They are $10 and are now a plastic card instead of on paper or card stock.
  • All APO brothers past and present are invited to attend the Region VII Conference this fall, Oct. 28th-30th, which will be hosted on the Trinity University Campus by Delta Pi and the other San Antonio Chapters. Attendees will have opportunities for leadership development, service projects, fellowship events, and meeting brothers from other chapters around New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.
    There will be costume parties, round table events, and yummy food! This will be a great opportunity to interact with chapters from all over our region so come on down and join our Fiesta!!
    For more information, please check the Section 43 website for more information.

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