Listed below are the Alpha Alpha Rho Families and the members of those families.

Estrada’s, Founded by brother Adriana E.
Members: Adriana E., Jamileh A., Brenda C., George D., Brittany H., Ely S.

Gengenbacher’s, Founded by brother Steven G.
Members: Steven G., Adrian D., Eric M.

Goonies, Founded by brother Elizabeth J.
Members: Elizabeth J., Henry L., Colleen B., Ashley L., Jarrod P., Veronica D., Nick L.

Griffin’s, Founded by brother Juan Pablo (JP) G.
Members: Juan Pablo (JP) G., Stephen T., Rogelio S.

Jalapeno’s, Founded by brother Christine C.
Members: Christine C., Claudia C., Larissa C., Brian N., Amanda P., Nicole S.

Kennedy’s, Founded by brother John G.
Members: John G., Diana A., Kristyn G., Allison A., Chris C., Beatrice M.

Pirates, Founded by brother Chris (Flash) G.
Members: Chris (Flash) G., Jesus A., Krystle G., Cristina B., Jay G., Carmen A., Marlene D., Diana G., Naomi G., Elizabeth G., Allie Z.

Stone’s, Founded by brother Monique O.
Members: Monique O., Anna Tovar., Deanna G., Emma D., Marisa A., Audrey G.

Petey Pablo’s(Trujillo’s), Founded by brother Gabriel
Members: Gabriel T., Ruth V., Ashley V., Joe R.


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